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“Erica and Bowie were great. Very informative and always trying to make it fun. I have and will continue to recommend to my friends. It really is a sweet spot. Thanks again!”

—Chris, 7/23/14

“We had a wonderful time yesterday at the tour! My son Drew said it was his best birthday present ever. Tabi and Cali were both lovely, charming, and knowledgeable. Thank you for the amazing experience!”

—Nikki Loftin, 5/4/2014

“We just finished a 9 a.m. tour with Ethan and Ryan…those goofy guys didn’t miss a beat with our group from cracking jokes and thoroughly going over procedures both with the group and one-on-one. Ethan was knowledgeable with the plant life and local ecology sparking the interest with the teens and adults within the group. These guys did a great job all the way around and we would definitely do this again with y’all! Great job and thank you!”

—Laura DeVarenne, 8/7/13

“I had a wonderful time on my tour yesterday. The two gentlemen, whose names escape me, did a great job as ecoguides. They made it fun and educational, and always safe.”

—Brian Drake, Houston, Texas, 7-31-13

“What an amazing day! BBF Bev and I had the adventure of our lives. Alison was the perfect, patient, knowledgeable and spunky guide that just added to the experience. Definitely a reason to go again. This was on our ‘bucket list’ and so worth it. We are spreading the word to friends about this wonderful place. Keep up the great customer service at a beautiful location.”

—Carol and Bev, 7-30-13

“I told my husband that I didn’t really need anything for my birthday, July 12. I said you and the kids surprise me. My grandson remembered that I had recently stated that I would like to zip line. What a wonderful experience. The property is beautiful. What a fun time. I am so afraid of heights but this, I have to say, is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Our guides, Richard & Ethan, were great (right down to the corny jokes) and were very knowledgeable about the park and helpful and informative about the actual activity.

Would highly recommend you try it. I would go back and do it again.”

—Kathy Weishuhn, 7-13-13

“Started off Spring Break 2013 at the Cypress Valley Canopy Tours and did not know what to expect. Our guides were AMAZING and the entire experience was so much fun. Time flew by. It was evident the ENTIRE TOUR that OUR SAFETY was of UTMOST IMPORTANCE!

I recommend this experience to anyone wanting to have some FUN while challenging yourself. It was just some pretty awesome fun. We didn’t even realize how high up we were until we viewed our pics….kind of CRAZY!”

—Diana Ortiz, 3-12-13

“I just wanted to send a huge thank you to the staff last Sunday, Apr.13th for our group of 12 (3:30 p.m.) for an awesome experience and a birthday I personally will never forget. It was a perfect day, and although we started out a bit timid, by the end we were left wanting more. Our guides were extremely attentive, friendly, knowledgeable, and a great asset to the whole experience. I know we all want to return and do the challenge next time and have another great day out in Hill Country. Thanks again!”

—Barry Mercado, Austin

“I blame Cypress Valley Canopy Tours, specifically John and Meagan, for my lack of productivity at work today. I spent the entire morning telling my office mates how much fun Danielle and I had zipping from platform to platform and humbling ourselves through the Challenge course. Meagan and John are great, they internalized their laughter and offered advice and encouragement as we made absolute fools of ourselves during the Challenge portion. And their ecological and biological commentary throughout the tour was very interesting. Even the guides not assigned to our group contributed to the experience.

We came out for my wife’s birthday and she was absolutely thrilled. Some previous birthday gifts I’ve given her are a Roomba and a Sonicare toothbrush, pretty lame, I know. I owe everyone at Cypress Tours a debt of gratitude for finally finding some success with her birthday.

Again, thanks! It’s an experience which we will not forget and we’re looking forward to a return trip. And everyone can learn from Cypress Tours’ environmental responsibility.”

—Danielle Schleman and Keith Lesikar, Austin, TX

“I visited Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in early 2006 and I loved it! It was so beautiful and exhilarating that I could not wait to come back. My boyfriend and I purchased gift certificates for all our immediate family for Christmas 2006. Then in May 2007 we all came to Cypress Valley together as a family. Everyone loved it! This visit proved to be more memorable than I had expected because my boyfriend had planned to propose that day in the trees. With the assistance of the wonderful Cypress Valley team, I was proposed to in the loft haven with beautiful hand picked wildflowers and our entire families watching. David Beilharz, the co-founder, was able to photograph the priceless moment. Thank you so much David!! I will treasure those photos forever! Thank you Cypress Valley Canopy tours for being the beautiful backdrop to a wonderfully unique proposal! I will be back soon!”

—Maxine Lowery, soon to be Maxine Martinez, October '08

“I just wanted to send you all a few pictures of our family on the tour! We had a wonderful time! We even used the one on the bridge for our Christmas card. 🙂 Thank you!”

—The Shields Family

“You guys were awesome and gave us an absolute unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Merry Christmas”


“Thanks so much for an enjoyable adventure. After doing the canopy tours with your company, I have travelled to Costa Rica and Belize and have tried their canopy tours while on vacation. I have to say that your ziplines are every bit as good, if not better, than the ones we have done in other countries. The layout is perfect and the scenery is awesome. The guides that work for you are friendly and fun and we really enjoyed the tour. I look forward to bringing friends down to experience the thrill in the near future.”

—Rob Boston Carrollton, Texas

“Our family so enjoyed ziplining through the trees at Cypress Valley. From the nervousness we felt before we went to “school” to the exhilaration that built from the first to the final zip, we had a wonderful time. You have created a beautiful setting and the guides made it a very special experience for us all. Thank you so much. We’ll definitely be back.”

—Carol Gilchrist, Patrick and Lisa Lai

“On behalf of the staff patrol of Boy Scout Troop 285, I wanted to thank you and your team for showing us such a great time this past weekend. The boys (and adults) had a FANTASTIC experience. I was especially impressed that you take the time to teach your clients something about the area we live in as well as the importance of conservation. Good job all around!”

—Clark Haley, April 07

“I just wanted to thank you guys for accommodating my group over the weekend. You went above and beyond to make our experience memorable and we all greatly appreciate it. We all had a great time and I was so glad that my out-of-town guests got to experience it. Amy and Josh did a wonderful job as guides and we will definitely be back to try the challenge. Thanks again and see you soon!!”

—Kristin Schilffarth, April 07

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful Father’s Day experiance. I brought a friend and my father out yesterday and can’t wait to visit again.”

—Cheri Martz

“My girlfriend and I did your tour this last weekend. I have done 4 different canopy tours in Costa Rica over the last 6 years. I am also a retired (30 yrs.) firefighter with a long history of rapelling and caving. I was very impressed with your operation. Josh and Taylor were extremely well trained and very friendly, confident young men. I also liked the double safety clips (never saw that before) that ensures one is always clipped on to a line. Anyways, I was really impressed with your outfit and will recommend it to my friends!”

—Eric Pierce, Arlington TX

“My mom and I had SUCH a FUN ecperiance on Wednesday! We just couldn’t get over it. Then the lunch at La Cabana was delicious. We just sat there and talked and talked about how delightful the Canopy Tour was, how professional the whole operation was, how sweet and perfect the guides were, how romantice the tree house bedroom was…etc!
I am talking about it with everyone I know, so I hope you are ready for all the word-of-mouth business!”

—Jennifer, May 06

“The tour was great today! (Hill Country Alliance board group).
I came away very impressed with the work you have done, and will affirm after seeing your operation, that you a great example of the type of creativity and integrity that we as an organization want to promote for the Hill Country. I, for one, will certainly let everyone I know here and that I come in contact with, to visit your operation and take the tour.”

—Lee Carrell, HCA Board, May 06

“Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for a really wonderful weekend. As you know, my husband David and our son Dillon and I ran the whole gamut this weekend. We did the Canopy Tour in the morning and the Canopy Challenge in the afternoon and then stayed in the Lofthaven for the night. We loved the whole experiance. We learned a lot about our own skills (and that our son is the “king” of the challenge course).

Amy, Richard and Patrick wew wonderful (as were both of you). Amy guided us through both adventures and was particularly knowledgeable and helpful. We all did some of the most difficult of the challenge course options and we each rose to the challenges- some a bit better than others.

The Lofthaven was beautiful and peaceful. Your attention to ever detail – even down to the wildflowers and rosemary in the vase on the table – was amazing. The food was also wonderful, though there was so much of it that we didn’t think we could do it justice. However, after a full day of activity, we all ate more than we expected to. Our son is usually a night owl, but he was asleep just after sunset. We sat outside and watched the fireflies come out.”

—Dana B. Sparks, April 06

“We wanted to thank Richard and Bree. They did a great job. My parents and family loved the trip. Now we want bigger, higher and faster. We tough and brave now. Thanks again, it was truly the coolest Sunday we’ve ever had”

—Mel Biggs

“We were at your place Sat. Oct 1st and had a wonderful time. Our guides were Stephanie and Serena and they were so patient and kind. Thank you and your husband for putting this all together and sharing your land with the rest of us. We will definately be back with more friends in the future. Thanks again for a fun experiance for our family.”

—Robbie Miller

“I wanted to let you guys know that we loved the tour. You guys have done something great out there and we wish you success. Everyone we met was friendly and very informative. We will definitely return for another tour and spread the word.

Thank you!”

—Carissa, Karrie, and Elizabeth, October 2005

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our tour yesterday. I met a great group of gals and think we all had a great experience. Thanks to you and Alex for making it so much fun.
Thanks again David and I’ll see you again in the tree tops!”

—Gabrielle, October 2005

“It was my pleasure to experience your Cypress Valley Canopy Tour for the second time just this morning. My first introduction to “zip-lining” was with the faculty of Cactus Ranch Elementary.
It would be difficult to determine who enjoyed the experience more– my team-building colleagues, the best friend I surprised with your tour this morning, or me. Amy, Bree and Alex did a superb job of welcoming us, keeping us safe and opening our eyes to the wonderful animal and plant life of Cypress Valley. I look forward to seeing them again when I bring other friends and family members to experience your tree top adventure!
Best wishes for your continued efforts and the pursuits of your staff.”

—Shelly Fisher, September 2005

“Thank you very much for a wonderful tour. You guys were great! We have posted the pictures we took up on our website”…”Thanks again.” ”

—The Hendrickson's Group, August 2005

“My wife and I had an unbelievable time this past Saturday on your property. What a great experience. The guides (Alex & Serena) were very informative and we felt safe during the entire adventure. We have shared this with several of our friends and family and plan to make a return trip to Austin in the Spring. You have created something that you should all be proud of.”

—Aaron Isgur, GEM Insurance, August 2005

“First let me say that the zip line canopy tour is absolutely amazing and that the guides seem to genuinely enjoy it as much as the people paying to be there, and they were extremely friendly and personable, a welcome change from indifferent tour guides I’ve had to deal with in the past.

Secondly, after leaving the parking lot after my zip line adventure today I turned to my mother (we were part of the HillCountryOutdoors) and said that if I didn’t get anything else for my birthday, I wanted to come back and do it over, and tell all the guides to keep up the great work.”

—Mallory Hengst, July 17, 2005

“My husband and I had one of the most amazing first time experiences yesterday. Libby and her co-worker (can’t remember her name but her uniqueness was unforgettable) made the adventure fun, exciting, safe, and truly magical. Truly a once and a lifetime opportunity. Our guides and the whole course far exceeded any expectations I had. We have already planned to come and stay the night in the tree house once it gets warmer.”

—Jennifer Tischer

“We had a great time !!! Our two tour guides were knowledgable, professional and fun. I did not know that we were also going to get to rappel, that was really fun too!!”

—Julie Shields

“Our experience with Cypress Valley Canopy Tours was awesome and absolutely beautiful. It was our first experience ziplining and rappeling. We came out feeling as we could conqueror the world with our tour guides taught us. Thank You From The Bottom of Our Hearts.”

—The Wells Family

“I visited Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in early 2006 and I loved it! It was so beautiful and exhilarating that I could not wait to come back.”

—Maxine Lowery

“Our stay at the Nest was memorable and special.  We spotted two (2) great horned owls (a mating pair?) early in the morning.  What a treat to stay in this treehouse (our first, but definitely not last).  There needs to be a word termed for “elevated treehouse” like the term glamping is used for “glamorous camping”.  It definitely applies to your wonderful retreat.


—Victoria Priesmeyer

“I blame Cypress Valley Canopy Tours for my lack of productivity at work today. I spent the entire morning telling my office mates how much fun I had zipping from platform to platform.”

—Keith Lesikar, Austin, TX

“Thanks so much to you and all your crew. They were outstanding and we had a blast!! It was my Mom’s and her boyfriend’s first time and he is afraid of heights, but both were so glad they did it and can’t stop talking about it!! Thanks again and we can’t wait to come back!!”

—Jeff Anderson

“The nest treehouse made us feel like we were in a whole different country. The whole experience was spectacular. Everyone should stay here at least once in their lives. Put it on your bucket list!     ~ Summer 2016

—Travel afar; while close to home!

“Mmy boys and I had a wonderful time at your treehouse in early February!  They loved everything about it – even having to brave the cold and run across the bridge – which they swore was haunted – to go to the bathroom at night.  No one wanted to leave – and we will for sure be returning.  Your staff was great – very welcoming and informative.  And of course the Nest was amazing and perfect.”

—Laura Shay - Austin, TX