Wildlife Residents and Visitors of Cypress Valley

Some of the birds identified at Cypress Valley include:

Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Scrub Jay, Canyon Wren, Red-tailed Hawk, Chimney Swift, Blue-grey Gnatcatcher, Purple Martin, Great Horned Owl, Mourning Dove, House Finch, Black Vulture, White-eyed Vireo, Northern Mockingbird, Turkey Vulture
Eastern Screech Owl, Canyon Wren, Carolina Wren, Bewick's Wren, Eastern Phoebe, Carolina Chickadee, Summer Tanager, Great Blue Heron, Belted Kingfisher, Green Heron
Killdeer, House Sparrow, Northern Cardinal, Downy Woodpecker, Western Kingbird, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Western Scrub Jay, Lesser Goldfinch, Painted Bunting, Black-crested Titmouse, Scissor-tailed Swallow, Golden cheeked Warbler, Lesser Gold Finch

There are numerous butterflies, including the Pipevine Swallowtail, that frequent Cypress Valley. We will identify them and add them here later.

Some of the other local inhabitants of Cypress Valley include:

There are many residents and visitors to Cypress Valley. The constant supply of water and numerous limestone crevices and outcroppings bring many different species here for food, water, and shelter. This track was once part of the much larger Paleface Ranch, which may send some of these animals further west as it gets divided into smaller pieces . We have just begun to catalog this section and will update it in the near future.

Ringtail, Grey Fox, Mountain Lion,  Porcupine, Grey Squirrel, Armadillo
Virginia Opossum, Raccoon, Rock Squirrel, Mexican free-tailed bat, Coyote, Bobcat
Nutria,Striped Skunk, White Tailed Deer, Ribbon Snake