What days and times are tours available?

Tours are by reservation only. We are generally open 9 am Thursday through Sunday during the spring. Our summer season will begin Memorial day. We open other weekdays during the spring and fall for groups, please call for details. Please see our booking screen.

What are the age and weight limits?

Our recommended minimum age is 10 years old and children need to be at least 70 lbs in order to have enough velocity to get all the way across the zipline. The maximum weight limit is 250 lbs. If you or someone in your party is close to the limits of this guideline, please call 512-264-8880 to speak to a Cypress Valley employee about possible exceptions.

What should we wear?

We suggest you wear breathable, comfortable clothing. Short shorts are not recommended as they tend to be uncomfortable to wear in a harness, and we do not recommend jeans or long pants in the summer heat. The best is some sort of longer sport short, cargo short, capri pant, or knee length or calf length leggings or workout pants. All participants are required to wear close-toed shoes on their tour such as sneakers, tennis shoes, or Kean sandals.

What are we allowed to bring on tour?

You will be wearing a harness during your tour, and so as to prevent discomfort and also to prevent loss of items while ziplining, we ask you to remove everything from you pockets and from your person before you go on the tour. Things that may be removed include the following: wallets, cell phones, keys, any knives or weapons, money clips, sunglasses, hats, dangling jewelry, loose change, and etc. All items are stored in secure cubbies located in the Wheelhouse, which is our “gear up” and “gear down” station! If you need eyeglasses to see, then of course you will be allowed to wear those on your tour, but a strap to keep them secure on your neck should they fall off is recommended.

Is tipping customary?

As in any service industry, tips are appreciated! On tour you will have two tour guides who go with you and handle all of your equipment and who will be answering questions about the local ecology, the surrounding land and property and local animals and plants. The guides work hard in the hot sun and do everything in their power to make sure you have a pleasant and educational tour so any gratuity is, of course, welcomed.

Can we use a camera or cell phone to take pictures on tour?

Yes, you can bring a camera or cell phone to take pictures on your tour! If it has a secure wrist strap we will provide a carabiner to hook it onto your harness so it will be easily accessible, or we can put it in a satchel that we provide and which you can carry during your tour to more easily access your camera.

Is there anything else to do besides ziplining?

Cypress valley has a lake and spring fed pool for swimming, a basketball court, sand volleyball court, picnic area with picnics tables, hammocks, and chairs. You are welcome to swim, play or just hang out as long as you like during business hours on the day of your tour. You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and cooler to the property to enjoy a meal, as well. Please note that alcoholic beverages are not allowed at Cypress Valley.

Is alcohol allowed?

Since ziplining is considered an extreme sport, Cypress Valley does not allow alcoholic beverages on property nor do we allow anyone who is exhibiting behavior indicating that they may have been drinking to go on a zipline tour for safety reasons. Anyone who shows signs that they may be intoxicated will be removed from the tour and asked to leave property.


We schedule all tours by reservation to ensure the best experience. We suggest that guests book a week or two in advance. You can book online or by phone (512-264-8880).

What is the tour like?

The Canopy Tour includes 5 ziplines along with 2 sky bridges and a rappel. A canopy tour differs from a zipline tour in that it uses natural structures for its platforms, such as trees or cliff faces. Typically, canopy tours also involve a learning aspect. At Cypress Valley, we enjoy teaching interested participants about the local ecology, survival skills, and will identify plants, and animals that you may run into along the way.

How long does it last?

Our zip line tour takes an hour and a half to two hours to complete. Please arrive early to check in and use the restroom. Your tour will start at the time that you have booked.

Challenge Course

Unfortunately during the wildfires of 2011, the Challenge Course severely damaged.

We currently have no plans to rebuild it.

Off Season Availability

We anticipate closing for the year in late November or early December, and opening up again in March. We may be able have a large group come out and do the tour between those dates, but it depends on if we have guides available and what sort of construction or maintenance we are doing on the course at that time. We will have a better idea of whether or not we can accommodate you closer to the date you are requesting.

How much does it cost?

The canopy tour costs $80 per person plus tax.

Are there group rates?

Yes. We offer discounts to groups of 20 or more and require payment in advance to receive our group rates. Please see our Group Pricing Page for more information.

We also discount groups of 8 to 19 people $10/per person when they pay at the time of booking with one credit card.

Are pets allowed on property?

While we are animal lovers, we do not allow pets on property.